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Approximately 18% of new businesses fail in the first year, and nearly 50% before five years. Additionally, almost every company runs into some sort of sales challenge every year. Not every company can afford a full time Director of Sales, or has the time to hire a new one. Sales Geek's value proposition is to act as YOUR Sales Director to help overcome virtually any type of sales challenge. Sales Geek is not a consultancy. Based on a monthly retainer, Sales Geek will work in your office, with your team for a agreed upon number of days per month until the issues are resolved. Sales Geek will OWN the numbers, and be fully accountable for the assigned projects. We will be fully invested in your success, and want to be seen as part of your team. Each Sales Geek will bring decades of experience to the table along with over 700 years of collective experience from other Sales Geeks around the world.

In addition to Director of Sales responsibilities, Sales Geek also provide sales, organizational, and behavioral training for all size organizations.


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