Singles at the Beach

Singles at the Beach


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About Us

What is Singles At The Beach? We’re a combo of in-person and online friendship opportunities! Our slogan is “Building friendships is what we do, what happens next is up to you!” because that’s exactly what we are here to do, build friendships first! Are you ready to find true connection in Brunswick County?

Ever felt like this? ??
*Eager to go out but no friends available?
*Struggling to expand your circle of friends?
*Wishing to connect with people who share your interests?
*Spending endless hours online searching for local events and places where singles hang out?

Or have you experienced:
*Meeting someone whose profile picture doesn't match reality?
*Getting swept up by an exaggerated profile?
*Encountering romance scammers with phony intentions?
*Investing in an expensive dinner only to find you have little in common?
*Feeling that initial spark, thinking "they're the one," only to be disappointed?
*Meeting someone new and feeling uneasy about your safety?

If any of this sounds familiar, you're in the right place! Stay tuned for solutions and a community that understands.